About Yufid.com

Have you ever lost in cyber world? Maybe, you will answer, "Oftenly," or even, "I always lost."

Cyber world is a world with no boundary. One time you type a keyword (e.g. Islam) to the search engine (Google, for example), you will be carried to tens of thousands, millions, and even tens of millions of searching results. Those are information that spread up in the cyber world, a sahih and trustworthy information mixed in mislead information's trap, how can you sort it?

Yufid.com, with the help from Allah, try to give you a solution for the problem we've describe above. We collect various islamic website in three languages (Indonesian, English, and Arabic), we check and sort them one by one, then we arrange and enter them to Google search engine technology that is advanced. The result can be seen in Yufid.com. Try it and get the advantages!

In this early step, Yufid.com will give searching result, especially for text content in three languages (Indonesian, English, and Arabic). Please choose language menu for suitable searching result that you want.

The next step, insha Allah we will develop Yufid.com continously, for a larger searching result (e.g. video, audio, picture, etc.).


You can support and contribute in development of Yufid.com and our other islamic educational projects.

What kind of contribution? You can give idea, suggestion, website information and islamic content, science and technology information, and charity for the development.

Please sent it to: [email protected]

Sincerely yours,

Yufid Team

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